In an era of infinite segmentation, «one size fits all», no longer fits. This complexity applies to people, products, messaging and brands alike.

Companies that embrace a holistic inclusion strategy have a huge competitive advantage.

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I can’t wait for our next brand and web site re-design meeting,” said no one ever. But that is what my team says now that we are working with Analogous. It can be nerve wracking and upsetting to re-design your public face – it makes you confront a lot of difficult questions about the gaps between your aspirations and your current state-- and what you are willing to invest in improvement.

From our very first meeting, team Analogous designed a process that has been team-building, values-clarifying, and creativity-inspiring. They have been patient and enthusiastic. If this were a student recommendation, I would check the column that says “top 1% of all the students you have ever taught.”

Dr. Ruth Finkelstein
Director, Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging at Hunter College

We couldn't have asked for a better partner in Analogous to work within our matrix organization to drive a significant change impacting every aspect of our organization. They were instrumental in enabling us to evolve our brand. They worked with us closely and managed the entire process from beginning to end, from strategy to naming, logo and identity as well as developing applications across multiple touch points to launch a 360 marketing plan and bring the launch of the new brand to life.

This is not your cookie cutter design agency, Analogous has a deep understanding of developing a brand identity that is reflective of an organization's values and a strong process in place to discern the right qualities to focus on to bring a brand to life. They have a keen eye for design and how to position your brand to be differentiated in the marketplace. They went above and beyond.”

Farzana Naser, Co-President mBolden

It's easy to get caught up in Analogous' passion around customer driven design and inclusion. In every case, they create clear and better results; whether brand product or service.”

Lacy Schutz, Director Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

Whether you are a startup or a mature organization, you will get a unique perspective from Analogous. You will learn how critical inclusive design is and how it can shape and propel any business, at the brand level and product/service level as well as community building to attract and retain teams. Everyone should consider becoming a client!”

Stela Lupushor, Chief-Reframer at ReFrame.Work Inc

Working with Analogous surpassed my expectations. They were an immediate and natural amplification of our team and completely "got it" - the why, what and how of our work. They helped synthesize, shape and articulate our brand strategy that now serves as the foundation of everything we do. They are innovative and strategic thinkers who know how to lead teams to deliver exceptional work.”

Sam Bergin, Chief Marketing Officer 98point6

It's been a privilege to recommend and work with Analogous. In every case, they creating clear and better-than results to anything; whether brand, product, or service. Collaborative, delivering rapid and highly creative solutions to any challenge.

Analogous is the right choice for any company ready to evolve from theory into reality effectively, efficiently, inclusive and with excellence.”

Janis Spivack, CEO & Founder Crush Your Block

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