• get your message heard by more people heard by more people with inclusive brands & design

  • connect with your customers in a more meaningful way

  • create marketing dialogue that is more current and relevant


  • build a stronger connection between leadership and teams

  • promote organizations that are happier, more engaged, and more productive

  • nurture teams that know how to solve tough problems faster and better by working together

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This program embeds connected thinking into your company culture, teaching leadership and employees how to work together more effectively while making everyone feel included and giving better overall results to the company. It's inclusion-in-action.

3-step program:
Step 1 : Activation
Step 2: Co-Ignition
Step 3: Habit formation

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Untap your brand's potential with our award-winning inclusive branding and design. It helps companies, connect with more customers and build stronger brands that speak to more people.
• get your message heard by more people
• connect with your audience in a more meaningful way
• create making dialogue that is more current and relevant and has a stronger call to action

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Train-the-Trainer is a framework for training potentials instructors or subject matter experts to enable them to train other people in their organisations. The expected outcome is that attendees learn the new knowledge or skill, and they will instruct further batches of people in the organisation.

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it's all about

we use connected thinking approaches to help people solve tough problems faster and better than before.

Analogous was an immediate and natural amplification of our team and completely "got it" - the why, what and how of our work. They helped synthesize, shape and articulate our brand strategy that now serves as the foundation of everything we do.

Sam Bergin | 98point6

Vice-President Marketing, 98point6

analogous hits the road

SXSW 2020
Talking with makers and users about the new frontier of inclusive AI #throwback


MIT Design for America
We facilitated our Inclusive Feedback ActionLab with MIT Design for America. mentoring teams working on building a better world.


RightsCon 2021
Talking to activists, policymakers and change-makers about a framework for digital inclusion for developing countries

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Alongside the makers and shakers in the world of how we build better business practices and products, we are lifting the veil on inclusion this year to show you what it takes to build an inclusive product, brand, or community, and how connected thinking is a secret ingredient in each of these businesses. Join the conversation and explore the multiple dimensions of how we can all put inclusion into action. Change starts with you. Get inspired, get thinking, and start putting inclusion in action.