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national museums of kenya

The National Museums of Kenya is home to the most extensive and oldest collection of the fossil record of human ancestry in the world, much of which is on physical display in Nairobi and it has now opened its searchable, digital experience of its collection of human fossil remains accessible to people all over the world.



CipherHealth delivers groundbreaking technology. Its automated voice services, nurse rounding tools and mobility monitoring have shown to reduce patient readmissions by 40% and increase HCAHPS over 30%. We developed a logo and design system that allows CipherHealth to add products seamlessly, establish credibility among Chief Nurse and Experience Officers and serve as a powerful pre-sales tool. Qualified prospects have tripled since site relaunch!

digital experiences

idb mapamericas

Mapamericas was conceived as a way to easily understand IDB efforts in user-friendly ways as an extension of their website. It was critical for Analogous to create a cohesive and tightly-designed system allowing users to intuitively recognize visual cues from the rest of the site and navigate seamlessly.

Action Labs

Through our Actions Labs™ and co-creation sessions, we ensure that your business vision and activities are aligned, we bring to life inclusive experiences for all your team, clients or the community you serve. Wherever you are in your journey, Actions Labs™ will be tailored to the specific needs of your organization: The Mapping Lab™, The Catalyst Lab™ The Mobilization Lab™

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2 forms part of the series for a local health departmet

What’s in a form?

Published on October 21, 2019

Forms are part of the glue of modern society: they allow us to transmit information, sometimes a great deal of it, to someone (or many someones) we probably won’t directly interact with. Like any other way to capture information, there’s good and bad ways of doing it.

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case study
National Museum of Kenya - Turkana Boy Skull

Bringing Humanity’s Past to the World

Published on September 23, 2019

The National Museum of Kenya has opened its searchable, digital experience of its collection of human fossil remains. Kenya is home to the most extensive and oldest collection of the fossil record of human ancestry in the world, much of which is on physical display at the Nairobi National Museum in Kenya’s capital.

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Color squares and headshots of panelists

Analogous >> SXSW 2020

Published on August 18, 2019

Analogous founder and CCO Fanny Krivoy is joining some of the most exciting voices in inclusive design, workplace inclusion, and innovation and are represented in two panel discussions for consideration in the upcoming South By Southwest 2020 Conference.

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Photo of the Summit panel

Towards an Inclusive Future

Published on June 27, 2019

We attended panel discussions on topics ranging from product safety, AI regulation, design strategy, scaling and more. Speakers from Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and as well as universities, government agencies, and startups from around the world took stock of the present challenge of creating opportunities and benefits from technology that are available, accessible, and equitable.

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case study
White mBolden Logo over a purple t-shirt

mBolden (f.k.a. Women in Wireless)

Published on May 1, 2019

Women in Wireless had been around for long enough that it was clear to them that the “wireless” in their name was making them sound dated- when in truth, they were (and are) anything but. For more than 12 years, they’ve created a supportive, instructive, and powerful space for women working in mobile and digital technology fields. They are a global non-profit with 10k members in 10 cities around the world and over 200 volunteers.

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Open sign hanged in a glass door.

Beyond Brands: Brand = Business Strategy

Published on February 17, 2019

Smart startups devote time and resources to designing and planning a brand before their first product sees the light of day- and successful, enduring companies pay regular attention to their brand presence and how it comes to life, making sure that it continues to reflect their vision and values. Branding is much more than a cosmetic exercise. The real essence of branding is valuable: it defines your mission, how you will disrupt a market, how will you transform the world.

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