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Put inclusion into action by weaving it into the fabric of your organization, from your people and product, to your businesses and brands.

Studio Analogous is a team of designers, facilitators, trainers, strategists, researchers, and engineers. Meet some members of our team:


Fanny’s mission is to use design to bring equity and inclusion to life day-to-day through brand creation and experience design. She does that by reframing challenges through a Human-Centered Design lens.

Fanny is a Professor at NYU and Pratt Institute, where she trains designers and non-designers on applying design methodologies to address social problems. She is also the creator of Project Inclusion, a podcast that explores how experts and organizations can put inclusion in action inside and out. Fanny is a board member at amazing community, a nonprofit working on extending the work horizon for women ages 45+. She also is part of the “Navegadores” Program, empowering Spanish-speaking families to navigate the American school system.

Fanny studied design at Instituto de Diseño in Caracas, Venezuela, and graduated with honours from the University of the Arts London.

You can find her as a speaker, guest lecturer, and judge. She has published in Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
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Mindy helps organizations build better teams, products, and brand experiences using radical inclusion. She has over a decade of experience helping purpose-driven organizations grow and innovate using human-first evidence-based strategies.

She specializes in working with vulnerable and at-risk populations, but has worked across a myriad of sectors engaging people of all walks of life, from building secure solutions for human rights activists around the world to state programs for low-income and immigrant communities.

She is the creator of the Global Inclusion Toolkit at Studio Analogous announced at RightsCon 2021, the global summit on human rights. She is a professor of Design Thinking for Social Innovation at NYU. She also co-hosts Project Inclusion, a podcast that shows how organizations can put inclusion in action inside and out.

Mindy is a MIT graduate with her roots in product engineering and development, and an internationally-trained product designer with a masters from Dutch design school TU Delft.


Alex has 20+ years of experience designing immersive interactive and inclusive experiences. Her passion is to design systems and the role it plays in cultural expression. You will find her work in museums!


Ariel is an award winning, internationally recognized brand designer originally from Uruguay, via Venezuela, Colombia and Spain. He is a master of semiotics – synthesizing complex ideas into very simple visual forms. He practices kendo, and you will find him traveling around the world visiting dojos.


Jaime is a designer, strategist, researcher, facilitator and educator, continuously looking for opportunities on how design can improve lives and quality of living. He believes we need new tools, new strategies, and new ideas to confront the environmental and social challenges we are facing. He has helped shape the designing thinking culture and pedagogy at Prodiseño