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laptop open showing the shaker museum website

shaker museum mount lebanon

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon to bring their collection online and make it accessible to people worldwide, in addition to designing their new website. After months of hard work with Lacy Schutz, the Museum’s executive director, and a brilliant staff, the website has just launched. We wanted to take some time to call special attention to our work with them, and to talk about the remarkable work the Museum, and the Shakers themselves, have done for the advancement of a just and humane society!

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NY Homeowners Assistance Fund

What does it take to distribute $539 million of relief funding to homeowners at risk of losing their homes? The biggest challenge of disaster relief is to qualify and distribute funds as smoothly and quickly as possible.
That was our mission when we partnered with Arbola, to serve the initiative driven by New York State Homes and Community Renewal and Sustainable Neighborhoods, to marry both design and technology and put their constituents first through Citizen Experience Design.

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stamp lying down on pager with red circular stamps that say Friends Village and the logo

Friends Village

How do you turn the stigma around aging communities on its head? How do you bring purpose, vibrancy, and meaning into day-to-day life? We helped shape the Friends Village strategy and cultural playbook for the next decade. It is easier to see the possibilities when you start from a secure base and believe that your life can have purpose and meaning. Friends Village believes a community with purpose -- as a group and as individuals -- provides the best platform for uncovering the opportunities that make aging fulfilling and a home that helps you feel comfortable and secure gives you the platform from which to explore those opportunities.

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globalsource direct

GlobalSource provides the highest quality macroeconomic and geopolitical research and analysis to emerging markets investors, corporations and multilaterals worldwide. We introduced a series of tools that changed our mindset and facilitates the interaction with GlobalSource clients, sales force, and local partners. GlobalSource Direct, a unique web-tool, offering convenient direct access to Country Analysts. Easy-to-use, proprietary platform that allows users to log on to contact Country Analysts for Interactive web-based dialog, Conference calls, Private meetings, or to download up-to-date analysis and data. Users can customize countries as well as types of reports of interest.

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e-Health Collaborative

Brooklyn Health Information Exchange and Healthix are regional health information organizations in New York City. Long-since merged and part of NYeC, we designed their clinical portal to share clinical data and collaboration across hospital systems, post-acute facilities, and physician practices. We also created the marketing platform which migrates and registers providers into the network.

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¿me llevas? ride-sharing

Design an iOS/Android app for car sharing is powered by realtime data & availability to enable employees from all departments and seniority to ride to and from work together. Beyond reducing the foot-print, the goal is to create connections between members of the IDB community, especially in the DC area where everyone is scattered around in the suburbs. The app enables the driver to get co-riders who are traveling on a common route. Focus areas for the solution: - How does a user get a ride? - How does a user share a ride? - How do we leverage patterns? - How to allow for last minute needs

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Mobile phone with the to do list app from real simple

real simple “to-do” app

Real Simple's Checklist is a twist on traditional task lists. For the DIY segment, we invited users to create their own to-do lists from scratch. But for those who trust Real Simple's guidance, we concepted and designed a service that ties directly to Real Simple editorial content. Users can choose from 100+ popular checklists customized by Real Simple whether it is moving day, wedding prep or new baby supplies. The app is real simple for real life events.

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JWT thumbnail

J. Walter Thompson

JWT came to us with the task to create an experience to encourage exploration while providing tools for directed users with brand and functional interests, preserve the identity of regions and brands while creating a templated structure. The main insights were: how to bring the experience up to parity with the agency’s work and encourage employees to provide rich profile information.

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interamerican development bank

The Inter-American Development Bank’s goal is to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean, as it provides funding and leadership to multiple initiatives in the region. It must synthesize content and communications and provide visualizations for their extensive data store. Mapamericas was conceived as a way to easily understand IDB efforts in user-friendly ways as an extension of their website.

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economic cycle research institute

ECRI is the world's leading authority on business cycle. We developed ECRI's digital strategy with the following outcomes in mind: deliver ahead-of-the-curve calls and high touch member experience to investment managers, policy makers and the c-suite, educate prospects and media and deliver qualified leads. Through our redesign, we achieved these outcomes and created a powerful marketing and business platform, particularly for clients. Notably, we designed a member-only dashboard and analytics experience that the c-suite and investment managers have told us it is highly usable and critical to their decision-making.

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community development trust

It is a common business problem. Exceptional and in-demand products and services are obscured by their communications. This translates to missed business opportunities. The Community Development Trust (CDT) has an impeccable fifteen-year track record of preserving and expanding the Nation’s supply of affordable housing, while providing competitive financial returns to their investors. Now, it was time to build on this achievement and move to a segmented communications plan that supported their potential clients – developers, lenders and investors -- by serving up information geared to their function in the housing market.

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urban green council

Urban Green Council advances the sustainability of urban buildings through education, advocacy and research. We redesigned UGC's digital platform to showcase its highest impact initiatives and groundbreaking recommendations for improving the built environment. The site serves as a resource for a broad set of segments – operators, policy makers, trades, media, architects – and is an acquisition tool for building membership and sponsor support.

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Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York is a window into New York City’s past and present. To tell that story, we designed MCNY’s collection which is home to over 50,000 artifacts to be accessible right from the homepage without prior knowledge of technique, artist or category.

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songdo tablet

songdo international business district

Songdo is a remarkable city whose technology and vision benefit myriad segments. These include residents with a strong desire for great work opportunities and unparalleled quality of life, merchants and service providers who serve an engaged population, and corporate entities that can realize above-average returns based on their location. Now six years since its launch, Songdo is no longer an experiment. The international business district boasts growing occupancy, major events, and proof that the new city plan delivers economic, social, and ecological results. As Songdo evolves, so too must its digital platform. We see several opportunities to create awareness, spur interaction with Songdo or Gale International and build a platform for future development.

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