What do high-impact inclusive business practices look like at senior management offsites?

How can executives use human-first principles and inclusive design thinking to help strategic planning events stay on task and on time

We worked with a leading accessibility organization, building the next generation of on-demand remote human assistance for people with low vision. They invited both Frances West and Analogous to their offsite to facilitate an ActionLab and have some big conversations about how the company could grow and expand in the years to come.  

Inclusive business practices in strategic visioning look like:

  • Having diversity of representation opens up the aperture of big conversations
  • Bringing outside perspectives inside to inspire new approaches
  • Partnering with colleagues in another function to get some fresh and unexpected ideas
  • Enabling teams to find common ground in operationalizing strategic goals
  • Providing human-centered lenses to reimagine the future 
  • Creating a framework for charting the future where everyone plays a role

Our design thinking-inspired visioning process creates conversations that engender:

  • Focus, objectivity, and productive creativity
  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Tooling and upskilling
  • Activation of empathy and human-first thinking
  • Growth mindset role modeling
  • Solution-oriented problem solving 
  • Wearing multiple hats

Our ActionLabs help organizations get results faster:

  • PRIME:  Get everyone thinking about the toughest problems
  • ALIGN:  Achieve mutual understanding and reach consensus on business goals
  • REIMAGINE:  See the future through new lenses and with new tools
  • ACTIVATE:  Create action plans to mobilize teams, garner support, and make an impact  


The ability to take action sits at the core of all our ActionLabs. At the end of our 1 ½ day workshop, the senior management team was able to come to a consensus about what happens next, including:

  • a top-priority expansion area for the company
  • some success metrics for the new strategy
  • a 9-month roadmap of implementation milestones 
  • owners for collectively determined immediate next steps

If you’re looking for experts to help you facilitate big conversations at your company, ask about our workshops and offsites

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