A Large Financial Institution

Inclusive engagement to facilitate a new organizational strategy

We all know that organizational transformation requires fostering an inclusive culture by involving people at all levels in identifying challenges, and opportunities, and coming up with solutions that leverage their unique perspectives; even very centralized traditional organizations can do it! 


In fact, we just did it with one of our clients looking to take an inclusive approach to rethink their organizational strategy. 


This is what it took:

  • We designed and facilitated a series of 26 co-creation sessions in 2 different languages to make there were no communication barriers
  • Audiences joined from different countries, departments, seniority, and areas of expertise.
  • There was a mix of structured activities and open floor discussions to gather feedback and welcome new ideas


Why was this a game-changer for a historically conservative organization?

  • Employees felt safe and comfortable enough to share their honest and even critical opinions about the organization’s proposed strategies
  • Everyone came to the table with not only opportunity areas but also new ideas. They wanted to be a part of the solution!
  • The sessions helped shift the narrative around the future of the organization and emphasize the role everyone had in shaping it.


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Our work at the financial institution helped mobilize and inspire 250+ employees towards reimagining their future with the institution in a competitive job market. Our facilitation sessions helped: 

  • Conversations stay solution-focused rather than problem-focused
  • Strengthen human connections across the bank
  • Teams understand how they play important roles at the bank
  • Individuals feel seen, heard, and engaged at the bank 


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