NY Homeowners Assistance Fund

How do you serve one of the most diverse populations in the world when it comes to disaster relief assistance?

What does it take to distribute $539 million of relief funding to homeowners at risk of losing their homes? The biggest challenge of disaster relief is to qualify and distribute funds as smoothly and quickly as possible.
That was our mission when we partnered with Arbola, to serve the initiative driven by New York State Homes and Community Renewal and Sustainable Neighborhoods, to marry both design and technology and put their constituents first through Citizen Experience Design.


We worked with NYS HAF to simplify the online application process, establish meaningful branding for the program, and design an interface and experience for the NYS application portal that was both inclusive and accessible using a research-backed and human-first design approach. The NYS Homeowners Assistance Fund is the first-in-the-nation to distribute $539 Million to assist eligible New Yorkers at risk of foreclosure or displacement.

Our ActionLab workshops helped our clients move at record pace.
Through our ActionLabs, we were able to help our clients identify the issues and risks of the program early on, accelerate design and development efforts, and prioritize UX and inclusivity as essential to the success of the program.

This is how we did it, and you can too:
✔ Co-design with your population and policy makers
✔ Simplify it to just the essentials
✔ Having options matters, from language, tone, to devices
✔ Always be clear about what to expect and what’s next

We're still waiting for final results, but the feedback so far is very positive and enthusiastic and has been recognized by leading NYS officials and representatives as one of the best-designed state programs to date
Over many years, we’ve worked with New York on a variety of projects. It’s always an exciting challenge: public programs in NY contend with a large and demanding population with incredibly diverse demographics requiring carefully inclusive design - often with the additional constraints of limited time and resources. Having capable partners like Arbola, building a robust complex Salesforce Back-end, working almost in parallel is the difference between people getting the relief they need or losing their homes.
If you like what you read and want these results for your program, let's talk. By combining strategy, design, and technology, we can bring inclusive design as the bridge between your problem and your best possible outcomes.