How do you humanize the job search process for more equitable hiring?

It’s not easy, but it takes:

  • An inclusive human-centered approach
  • Thinking about the entire job search and hiring journey
  • Bringing both employers and jobs seekers to the table
  • Seeing your brand as an ecosystem of products, services, and people
  • The courage to think differently and design differently

Caring and supportive brand experiences:

  • Make people feel seen and heard
  • Don’t ask you twice for details about yourself
  • Follow-up with you in the moments that matter
  • Encourage dialogue and a sense of community

Authentic brands are committed to their values:

  • Attract and retain customers
  • Inspire confidence and social change
  • Show it from the inside-out

Meytier’s mission is to fix what’s broken about the job search market for women and minorities. Their job search platform helps organizations hire to someone’s potential and helps job seekers find jobs in organizations that share their values. Their hiring intelligence technology has helped employers offset the biases that keep them from achieving real diversity in their talent pipeline.

In reimagining inclusive hiring with Meytier through our ActionLabs, we helped the brand drive home its mission and bring it to life by redesigning its website, rethinking micro-interactions in its technology platform, and drafting new touchpoints to write the story of the Meytier brand experience for both job seekers and employers.


If you’re looking to build a career at an organization that shares your values and recognizes your full potential, check out Meytier’s newly redesigned job search platform at

If you’re an employer looking to increase the diversity of your talent pipeline, ask for a demo of their talent intelligence platform to see how some of our new designs are redefining how organizations hire and view talent.

The latest design updates have made it even easier to:

• See every candidate’s potential at a glance
• Visualize each candidate’s story and career
• Reduce bias of hiring managers when viewing candidate profiles
• Share and track candidates across multiple stakeholders

We are honored to be part of a new wave in hiring with Meytier!

Founded in 2019, Meytier is an AI-enabled, smart hiring and talent intelligence platform that enables companies to hire the right people, for the right job, at the right time, using unbiased intelligence that allows them to do it in an equitable manner. For job seekers, we widen the gate by discovering hidden potential, through unbiased screening and coaching, to level up and advance their careers.

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