Mt. Joy

How do you turn a brand into a climate movement to redefine an entire industry without sounding preachy or overpromising?

  • What does it take to build a village that believes in happy bellies, happy people, and a happy planet?
  • What if simple, craveable, and affordable fast-casual food was also grown and delivered to us in a way that is healing to the environment, humane to animals, and compassionate to all the farmers and workers involved in bringing it to our plate? 

Alongside Mt. Joy’s super talented team of chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, engineers, regenerative agriculture specialists, and food industry changemakers, we found ways to to express the values of joy, sustainability, and transparency in every part of the brand experience, including: 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity System and Brand Experience, including:
    • Restaurant Signage: where we are, how to order, what we’re about
    • Large-Format Menu Displays
    • Food Truck Exterior
    • Crew Uniforms 
    • Marketing Website
    • App UX
    • Marketing materials

To bring the ambitious brand vision to life, we:

  • Designed an immersive guest experience that meets people where they are
  • Developed a brand position and brand promise to activate Mt. Joy’s mission
  • Crafted a sticky tagline to tie everything together because “Good tastes better.” 

As their design and creative strategy partners, Studio Analogous is thrilled to be working for the 3rd time with serial entrepreneur Robbie Cape on this new food venture, and are excited to see the Mt. Joy village expand, bridge ecosystems, and show the industry that good food that’s good for the planet is also good business. 

Best of all, this collaboration aligns perfectly with the values of Studio Analogous, where our focus is on design for impact. We are impressed and inspired by the team’s level of commitment to impact, and we can’t wait to see Mt. Joy grow and change the world. 



  • The food truck opened in September and has been greatly received by the Capitol Hill Community!
  • The first brick-and-mortar location opens in the fall.

We’re constantly iterating on how to create the restaurant of the future. If you’re in the PNW, make sure to stop by and taste the delicious food, meet the amazing team, and see for yourself that “Good tastes better.”

Check out our conversation with Robbie Cape, Co-Founder and CEO of My. Joy on our Project Inclusion Podcast. Subscribe to the podcast for other inspiring conversations.