Get into the minds of entrepreneurs, designers, policy makers, researchers, technologists. Exploring the multiple dimensions of inclusion and mainstream in this interview series.

Paul Critchlow

Former Vice-Chairman, Bank of America Merril Lynch

72 and ready for an internship!

frances west

Founder, FrancesWestCo, Former IBM Chief Accessibility Officer

driving disruptive innovation

jennifer brown

Founder, President & CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting

everyone gets a voice

chip conley

Airbnb Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership

the modern elder @ work

lacy schutz

Executive Director of Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

museums that open doors

balázs némethi

CEO at Taqanu and invited expert for the World Economic Forum's Digital Identity Taskforce

digital identity

dr. inyang ebong-harstrup

Former Deputy Director of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation

access means opportunity

joe rubinsztain

CEO for ChronWell

disrupting health care

stela lupushor

Founder and chief re-framer, Reframe.Work Inc and amazing.community

the future of work

nicola palmarini

Global Manager AI for Healthy Aging for IBM Research. Author and TEDx Speaker.

AI and aging

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